The Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference is coming up next month in Fort Wayne, Ind.

The conference will be held April 23-24, 2013. Presentations will focus on herd health and management, new technologies and improving animal and herd efficiency.

The conference also includes a pre-conference symposium the morning of Apr. 23, as well as undergraduate and graduate student research competitions.

The conference agenda includes:

Why and When Do Cows Die on Dairy Farms
Dr. Franklyn Garry, Colorado State University

Indicators of Energy Status for Transition Cows and Their Value in Management Decisions
Dr. Daryl Nydam, Cornell University

Minimizing Hypocalcemia During Early Lactation
Dr. Gary Oetzel, University of Wisconsin

Managing Risks Associated with Feeding Aflatoxin Contaminated Feed
Dr. Timothy Phillips, Texas A&M University

Effects of Stocking Density on Feeding Strategies and Animal Behavior
Dr. Juliana Huzzey, University of British Columbia

Effect of Maternal Nutrition on Calf Health and Growth
Dr. Jon Schoonmaker, Purdue University

NDF Digestibilities
Mr. David Taysom, Dairyland Laboratories, Inc., Arcadia, WI

Smart Phone Apps for Dairy Farmers and Nutritionists
Mr. Mark Kinsel, AgriMetrica, Ellensburg, WA

Improving Ruminal Digestibility
Dr. David Weakley, Forage Genetics International

Models for Estimating Duodenal Amino Acid Flow and Total Tract Digestibility of Starch
Dr. Bob Patton, Nittany Dairy Nutrition, Miffinburg, PA

Residual Feed Intake

Dr. Gabriella Varga, Pennsylvania State University

Effects of Nutrient Variation on Lactating Dairy Cows
Dr. Bill Weiss, The Ohio State University

Culling Practices on Dairy Farms Affect Income Over Feed Costs and Feed Inventory
Dr. Normand St-Pierre, The Ohio State University

Feeding Heifers - Do they make or break the operation?
Dr. Greg Bethard, North Caolina State University

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