SB 104, otherwise known as 'card-check,' passed the legislature in the middle of May (read the article here).  The United Farm Workers (UFW) are the primary supporters and backers of the bill, as it will make it much easier for them to unionize California's agricultural employers.  Nearly identical bills have passed each year for the past several years, but they were vetoed by then Governor Schwarzenegger (read his comments upon vetoing 2010's version here). 

Proponents of the bill are hoping that Governor Brown will change the pattern, but the Governor has not taken a public position on whether or not he will sign the bill into law.  The UFW has decided to turn up the political pressure by organizing a march to 'deliver' SB 104 to the Governor.  The march is scheduled for Thursday, June 16th.  Supporters will gather at Cesar Chavez Park at 10:30 am and march to the Blessed Sacrament Cathedral, where there will be a bell ceremony.  After the ceremony supporters plan to hold a rally at the Capital and deliver SB 104 to the Governor at 12:30 pm. 

COUNSEL TO MANAGEMENT: Employers in the agriculture industry must be prepared for SB 104 to become law, and understand what it means for their business.  The bill not only makes unionization easier, but it also dramatically increases the liability for the commission of potential unfair labor practices, or slight delays in responding to union information requests.