USDA announced two final rules and a termination of a proceeding that permanently adopt amendments to the Appalachian, Southeast and Florida federal milk marketing orders.

These actions:

• establish a mileage rate factor using a fuel cost adjustor used in the transportation credit provisions of the Appalachian and Southeast orders;

• increase the maximum transportation credit assessment rate for both orders; establish a zero diversion limit standard on loads of milk requesting transportation credit;

• adjust the Class I pricing surface for the Appalachian, Florida and Southeast orders;

• adjust certain features of the diversion limit, touch-base and transportation credit provisions for the Appalachian and Southeast orders; and

• increase the maximum administrative assessment for the Appalachian, Florida and Southeast marketing orders.

 These amendments were approved by producers in the three marketing orders. The amendments become effective on May 5.

USDA is also terminating a proceeding for two remaining proposals. Information about the final rules and the terminated proceeding will be published in the May 2 Federal Register.

For additional information about the decisions contact:


Appalachian: Harold H. Friedly

USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs

P.O. Box 91528

Louisville, KY 40291-0528

Tel. (502) 499-0040; e-mail:


Florida and Southeast: Patrick S. Clark

USDA/AMS/Dairy Programs

1550 North Brown Rd., Suite 120

Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Tel. (770) 682-2501; e-mail: