When it comes to ice cream, vanilla continues its reign as America’s favorite flavor.

The International Dairy Foods Association’s second annual survey of International Ice Cream Association members found that when it comes to ice cream, Americans still prefer classic flavors.

After vanilla, chocolate came in at a close second, followed by butter pecan. Coffee, Neapolitan and Rocky Road tied for fourth.

“From the rich, creaminess of a scoop of vanilla-bean premium ice cream to the convenience of a perfectly portion-controlled ice cream confection, our member companies are making a wide-range of flavors and product types that allow consumers to choose the treat that appeals to them,” said Peggy Armstrong, vice president of communications for the International Dairy Foods Association.  “Ice cream is a fun and nutritious food that fits into almost every lifestyle.”

The survey also found that premium ice cream is the most popular product, though demand for frozen yogurt and sugar-free ice cream is rising.

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According to a recent Baskin-Robbins, the nation’s favorite flavor reveals more than just taste preferences. It could also mean that many ice cream-loving Americans are impulsive, easily suggestible and idealistic, as many vanilla ice cream lovers tend to be.

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