Mothers who consumed milk during pregnancy are more likely to have taller teens than moms who don’t, according to new study published in the September issue of the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to Medical Daily, researchers from the United States, Iceland and Denmark initially collected data on babies born to more than 800 Danish moms in the 1980’s. Twenty years later, the researchers followed up with the growing teens. See the study here.

The results showed that women who consumed milk during pregnancy reported taller teens. These teens also had higher levels of insulin in their bloodstream, which suggests a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes later in life.

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“Maternal milk consumption may have a growth-promoting effect with respect to weight and length at birth,” the researchers told the Daily Mail. “These results also provide some suggestion that this effect may even track into early adult age."

Last year, another study from Japan found that babies born to women who consumed cheese and other dairy products during pregnancy were likely to have better dental health than those born to moms who didn’t consume dairy. Read more here.