Six dairies in Yakima Valley in Washington state are paying it forward, uniting to bring thousands of gallons of milk to hungry families in the area.

According to the Tri-City Herald, the six dairies donated 25,000 gallons of milk, valued at $60,000, in an initiative called Dairy for Life. Four-hundred gallons of the milk will be distributed weekly through Second Harvest Tri-Cities to local food banks.

"We recognize that sometimes people fall on hard times and can't afford it," Bill Wavrin, one of the dairy farmers involved in the initiative, said. "This year is 25,000 gallons, but we hope next year is more."

Food banks in the area are thrilled at the news of the generous donation. Milk isn’t often on the list of items donated.

Second Harvest Tri-Cities development director Cassie Hurley points that this is the first time that they have been able to provide fluid milk in a regular basis to food banks. For the 55,000 people who come through the local food banks each month, the donation will be a beneficial and nutritional benefit.

"We believe that dairy calories and dairy protein are just a high-quality source of nutrition, especially for young families," Wavrin said.

Read, “Yakima Valley dairies unite for milk donation to area food banks.”

This is the second group of dairy farmers to band together for the hungry. In South Dakota, a group of dairies rallied together to raise money, food and dairy products for families in need. Read more here.