Dairy deliveries in Washington state are back on schedule after Gov. Chris Gregoire temporarily eased restrictions, allowing truck drivers to spend more hours hauling milk.

Severe weather delayed milk deliveries and created a surplus at farms around Washington. Extending the hours drivers can spend making deliveries helps ensure safe traveling as they drive more slowly in the snow. Milk shipment delays could cost the state’s dairy industry around $1 million per day.

"Because of weather, it's putting the milk truckers way behind," Steve George, a Yakima Valley field representative for the Washington Dairy Federation told the Yakima Herald.

Gregoire said easing restrictions, in effect through Sunday, was a precautionary measure, she is ready to activate the Washington National Guard if necessary.

"So far, we haven't received any requests for state assistance -- but we know weather conditions are rapidly changing. I want to make sure we have every resource available to ensure our communities are safe," Gregoire said in a news release.