New York Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced two energy-saving initiatives available to the state's dairy farmers to help increase profitability and reduce energy costs.

The first is an Anaerobic Digester Biogas-to-Electricity Program (ADG). This initiative doubles the incentives for renewable bio-energy projects that reduce electricity costs. Specifically, it will double the maximum incentive amount from $1 million to up to $2 million per installation for farmers to install equipment on their farms that turns manure into electricity.

The other incentive is a Dairy Acceleration Program (DAP) that provides $450,000 for grants that help dairy farmers in business planning and growth. 

DAP will also provide grants of up to $5,000 per dairy farm for:

  • Financial analysis,
  • Strategic planning for growth,
  • Executing business plans to expand, or
  • Other operational needs of the farm, such as adoption of Best Management Practices, new techniques/technologies for growth or engineering and design for expansion.

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Source: Cornell PRO-DAIRY e-Leader