A slow-moving low pressure system with gusty winds and persistent rain swirling over the Great Lakes region delayed yesterday’s planned unveiling of an anti-cheese billboard near Green Bay, Wis. The display is the brainchild of the activist group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine. 

We told you about this effort yesterday, which features the grim reaper wearing a cheesehead hat and proclaiming the warning that “cheese can sack your health”.

And while the weather is expected to clear and allow the billboard to go up today, this may not be the end to the challenges facing the message.

According to Green Bay television station WLUK Fox-11, Foamation, out of St. Francis, Wis. near Milwaukee, owns the rights to the cheesehead image and did not give approval for its use.

"Surely I don't want anything to do with allowing people to put the cheesehead on the grim reaper," said Ralph Bruna, owner of Foamation, who has his lawyer looking into having the cheesehead removed.

Meanwhile, a non-scientific poll on the television station’s Web site shows that 92 percent of respondents say the message will not impact their decision to enjoy some delicious cheese.