There’s a superhero lurking in the dairy case, and its abilities go far beyond tasting great. In two recent Yahoo! articles, yogurt has been pegged as a way to keeping a body healthy both inside and out.  

The first article, provided to Yahoo! by Rodale, listed nine food cures and named yogurt as a way to fight colds.

“Start bolstering your immune system for fall and winter by downing a cup of probiotic-rich yogurt every day,” the article stated. “Those good bacteria strengthen your immunity and have been associated with a 42 percent lower risk of getting upper respiratory infections, such as colds.”

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Yogurt was also named in Marie Claire’s Top 10 Beauty Foods. Calcium helped push low-fat yogurt into the number two spot, cited for strengthening bones, nails and teeth. Click here for the full list.

This isn’t the first time yogurt has been named as a way to stay healthy. Research has shown that it does everything from fighting stress to relieving diarrhea, from promoting weight loss to fighting pain.