Those looking to improve their love life may find an unlikely ally in the dairy aisle – yogurt.

Yogurt key to sexier, slimmer miceMassachusetts Institute of Technology researchers Eric Alm and Susan Erdman were interested in discovering why yogurt helps fight age-related weight gain. By studying the link between probiotics in yogurt and obesity in mice, the duo also found that it not only made the mice slimmer; it also made them sexier.

ABC News reports that the researchers tested their theory connecting probiotics to weight-loss by feeding one group of mice a normal mouse diet. They also fed a second group the same diet with mouse-sized servings of vanilla yogurt.

The yogurt-fed mice did lose more weight than their yogurt-deprived friends. However, researchers also noticed other benefits.

“One of the first things we noticed was their fur coat,” Erdman told ABC News. “It was so thick and shiny; shockingly shiny."

Researchers also noticed that the males developed a “swagger.”

“There were legitimate physiological differences in males fed probiotics, not just the extra sexiness,” Erdman said.  The yogurt-eating males mated faster and produced more offspring.

The study is still ongoing, and the final results could bring new insight to human fertility, weight control and hair health.

While the connection between yogurt and sexiness may be new, the connection between dairy and healthier lifestyles isn’t. Dairy has been found to prevent strokes, cut the risk of diabetes  and lighten the body mass for both adults and children.