AGCO Corporation’s Gleaner®has introduced the GleanerCareTM uptime assurance program for all Gleaner S8 Super Series combines.

The optional program provides:

•    24/7 access to dealer GleanerCare advocates who have access to technical support and parts inventories to help them resolve issues quickly. Dealer service diagnosis and parts assessment within 12 hours

•    Repair completion within 24 hours of issue diagnosis. A free loaner provided if GleanerCare-covered combine not repaired within 24 hours of diagnosis.

To expedite issue diagnosis, Gleaner technicians can access and evaluate S8 Series combines remotely through AgCommand® telemetry. GleanerCare farmers will have the assurance that their combine will be fixed, no matter the time of day.

GleanerCare farmers gain not only access to dealers and timely diagnosis, but a promise GleanerCare dealers will stock at least 75% of recommended S8 Series parts. If a needed part is not in stock, the GleanerCare parts team will locate it at the nearest dealership or AGCO parts distribution center, and arrange expedited delivery at no charge to the farmer. GleanerCare farmers also receive a Parts-on-Demand starter kit with AGCO parts for common maintenance items.

A two-year inspection program is included with the GleanerCare package. Inspections and services are performed and recorded on each S8 Series combine with a GleanerCare certified decal. If the farmer chooses to sell a combine with GleanerCare, coverage is transferred with the combine.

GleanerCare is available from any GleanerCare dealer for $1,500. For more information, visit