Hot summer days are coming. Why not prepare your herd for heat stress now?  QualiTech, Inc. created a heat stress mobile application, management guide and barn poster to help you keep your cows cool this summer.

Just enter your ZIP code and the QualiTech Heat Stress Mobile App will send email alerts when temperature humidity indexes (THI) reach levels that cause stress. The app includes management tips for keeping cows cool when temperature and humidity reach mild, moderate and severe levels. Today’s forecast is displayed, as well as the next three days to help you prepare. The app can store up to five ZIP codes if you are monitoring herds in different locations.

The management guide includes the tips in a convenient two-page handout. The barn poster displays information 18 inches wide and 24 inches high in English on one side and Spanish on the other.

The app can be used separately or in conjunction with ANEVIS™ rumen-protected niacin in managing heat stress. Using advanced rumen protection technology, ANEVIS delivers nearly eight times the amount of niacin into the bloodstream compared to raw niacin.

To connect to the mobile app and get the heat stress management guide and barn poster, visit or call 800.328.5870 ext.222.