SFP today announces a reduction in the price of NutriSphere-N for liquid nitrogen fertilizers to its exclusive distributor network.

The price reduction, effective immediately, is intended to help increase access to NutriSphere-N liquid, which can be a useful tool in protecting preplant, sidedress and fertigation nitrogen applications from losses.

“We are pleased to offer our exclusive distributor network NutriSphere-N for liquid nitrogen at a reduced price,” says Dave Schwartz, SFP national product manager. “We see this as an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to helping improve liquid nitrogen fertilizer efficiency, particularly under the wet spring conditions much of the country may be facing.”

Schwartz also noted distributors know the important role NutriSphere-N can play and the positive effect more efficient nitrogen use can have on growers’ bottom lines, as well as the environment.

“It’s been a volatile couple of years in the fertilizer industry and, as such, fertilizer sales have dropped and efficiency concerns have increased,” Schwartz adds. “Products like NutriSphere-N for liquid nitrogen are important to help insure nitrogen fertilizer investments throughout the supply chain.”

“SFP is dedicated to helping producers achieve maximum efficiency from their fertilizer investment each growing season,” says Jake Sanders, vice president of SFP. “Nitrogen losses are unacceptable but we can assist by providing NutriSphere-N to help farmers improve overall nitrogen fertilizer efficiency.”

For more information about SFP and its line of fertilizer enhancement products, call 1-888-446-GROW or visit www.sfp.com.