The Dairy Nutrition and Management Short-course is designed to expose nutritionists, allied industry professionals, and veterinarians to the latest research and its application within dairy nutrition and management.

This short-course for agriservice professionals will be held at the Miner Institute  from June 3 to 6.

Course topics will include:

  • Forage crops in dairy nutrition
  • Silage fermentation and roles for additives
  • Rumen function/microbial ecology
  • Dry matter intake and feed efficiency
  • Carbohydrate fermentation and nutrition
  • Fats and fatty acids in dairy nutrition
  • Protein and amino acid nutrition
  • Forage analysis: chemical composition, digestibility, and fermentation analysis
  • Mineral and vitamin nutrition
  • Nutrition and nutrient management
  • Behavioral considerations for cows
  • Calf and heifer nutrition
  • Transition cow biology, nutrition, and diagnostics
  • Herd practical evaluations
    • Cow-level assessment
    • Rumen function assessment
    • Forage and grain sampling and assessment
    • TMR management
    • Farm level evaluation approaches

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