Food Check-Out Week, involving Farm Bureaus at the county, state and national level, celebrates the abundance and safety of food. 

It also is a time to observe the affordability of food in the United States. Typically, the average American can earn enough disposable income to pay for the entire year’s food supply by mid-February – far less than the amount of time required to earn enough to pay for taxes. 

According to the most recent statistics compiled by the Agriculture Department’s Economic Research Service, U.S. residents spent about 10 percent of income on food. In comparison, people in the Mexico spent 22 percent, residents of China spent 28 percent, and in Russia, residents used 37 percent of their income for food.  

Interestingly, Americans worked until April 9 to afford their taxes in 2010, known as Tax Freedom Day, according to The Tax Foundation. Americans typically pay more in local, state and federal taxes than they spend on food, clothing and housing combined. 

America’s farmers and ranchers are committed to producing safe, abundant and healthy food.  Today, America’s farmers are the world’s most productive.  Each U.S. farmer produces food and fiber for 155 people in the United States and abroad, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. 

More information about Food Check-Out Week is available here. 

Source: Fresno County Farm Bureau