ANIMART Inc. - Live From World Dairy Expo 2013




Company Profile:

Established in 1982 and headquartered in Beaver Dam, Wis., ANIMART Inc. is a privately held provider of animal health products, supplies, show equipment and services for dairy and livestock producers. ANIMART is committed to offering a full line of products and solutions to help dairy and livestock businesses succeed.



Live from World Dairy Expo - ANIMART


Interview Summary:

Dr. Rich Ernsberger, Veterinarian, ANIMART, will explain how the Legend System works by establishing a baseline activity grid for each cow through the use of an antenna, receiver, pedometers and software and the features of each component. He will also discuss the features that differentiate the Legend System including the abilities of the Track-A-Cow software, the continuous collection and update of data, and the pedometers ability to detect the difference between standing and lying.



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