Dairy producers in the Central Valley who have identified deficiencies in their nutrient management infrastructure or need other improvements can apply for funds to address those issues under the Agricultural Water Enhancement Program (AWEP). The deadline to apply for funds is June 1.

Western United Dairymen, which has partnered with USDA-NRCS to bring an additional $4.4 million in AWEP funding to dairy producers in the Central Valley, is working with NRCS to make dairy producers aware that funding is available. AWEP is a voluntary conservation initiative to provide financial and technical assistance to agricultural producers implementing agricultural water enhancement activities on agricultural land for the purposes of conserving surface- and ground-water and improving water quality.

Western United Dairymen sought AWEP funding to assist producers in complying with water quality regulations. Producers have developed Nutrient Management Plans and are now developing Waste Management Plans that may indicate where improvements are needed. AWEP funding can help producers complete those needed improvements. More information and applications are available at any local USDA Natural Resources Conservation Services (NRCS) office in the Central Valley.

WUD is a voluntary membership organization representing more than 60% of the milk produced in California. Membership benefits include resources in labor law, environmental regulations and pricing issues. Members decide the direction of state and federal legislative efforts affecting the dairy industry.