Industry Event Calendar

Use this list of upcoming educational opportunities to decide which you’d like to attend. If you have an event that you would like added to this list, e-mail the details to our editor. 


  • NMC Annual Meeting, Jan. 23-26, Arlington, Va. More information
  • Midwest Forage Association Symposium and Annual Meeting, Jan. 24-26, Wisconsin Dells, Wis. More information
  • U.S. Composting Council Annual Meeting, Jan. 24-27, Santa Clara, Calif. More information
  • 37th Annual Southern Dairy Conference, Jan. 25-26, Atlanta, Ga. More information
  • 10th Annual Heart of America Grazing Conference, Jan. 25-26, Louisville, Ky. More information
  • Illinois Regional Dairy Summit, Jan. 26, Bloomington, Ill. More information
  • 2011 Agriculture's Conference on the Environment, Jan. 27, Lansing, Mich. More information
  • Ilinois Regional Dairy Summit, Jan. 27, Freeport, Ill. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 9 Regional Meeting, Jan. 28, Bass Lake, Calif. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 7 Regional Meeting, Jan. 28, Springfield, Mo. More information
  • Missouri Dairy Forum, Jan. 28-29, Springfield, Mo. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 3 Regional Meeting, Jan. 29, Indianapolis, Ind. More information
  • Accelerated Genetics Young Producer Winter Getaway, Jan. 29-30, Eau Claire, Wis. More information
  • Dairy Cow College, Feb. 1, Linton, N.D. More information
  • Florida Ruminant Nutrition Symposium, Feb. 1-2. More information
  • Mid-America Alfalfa Expo, Feb. 1-2, Kearney, Neb. More information
  • Dairy Cow College, Feb. 2, New Salem, N.D. More information
  • Pennsylvania Dairy Summit, Feb. 2-3, Lancaster, Pa. More information
  • Dairy Cow College, Feb. 3, Dickinson, N.D. More information
  • Great Lakes Regional Dairy Conference, Feb. 3-5, Frankenmuth, Mich. More information
  • Dairy Cow College, Feb. 4, Towner, N.D. More information
  • Dairy Cow College, Feb. 5, Valley City, N.D. More information
  • Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance Annual Forum, Feb. 6-8, Albany, N.Y. More information
  • Environmental Effects of Phosphorus Webinar, Feb. 7. More information
  • World Ag Expo, Feb. 8-10, Tulare, Calif. More information
  • I-29 Dairy Conference, Feb. 9-10. Sioux Falls, S.D. More information
  • Ohio Forages and Grasslands Council Annual Meeting, Feb. 11, Reynoldsburg, Ohio. More information
  • Family Dairies USA Annual Meeting, Feb. 12, Wisconsin Dells, Wis. More information
  • Midwest Manure Summit, Feb. 15-16, Green Bay, Wis. More information
  • 2011 Virginia State Feed Association and Nutritional Management Cow College, Feb. 16-18, Roanoke, Va. For more information, email Bob James at: or Bob Threewitss at:
  • WSU Basic-Plus Cheese Making Short Course, Feb. 16-18, Lynden, Wash. More information
  • Calf Care Workshop, Feb. 17, Mercer, Pa. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 2 Regional Meeting, Feb. 17, Scranton, Pa. More information
  • North Carolina Dairy Conference, Feb 17-18, Hickory, N.Car. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 5 Regional Meeting, Feb. 18, Beaver Dam, Wis. More information
  • Calf Care Workshop, Feb. 22, Greensburg, Pa. More information
  • ACE Education Seminar, Feb. 24. More information
  • Best Milking Practices Workshop, Feb. 24, Indiana, Pa. More information
  • Calf Care Workshop, Feb. 24, Chambersburg, Pa. More information
  • 31st Kentucky Alfalfa Conference, Feb. 24, Lexington, Ky. More information
  • Vermont Dairy Producers Conference, Feb. 24, Burlington, Vt. More information
  • DBA Dairy Expansion Forum, Feb. 24-25, Green Bay, Wis. More information
  • Southwest Nutrition and Management Conference, Feb. 24-25, Tempe, Ariz. More information
  • Holstein USA Region 6 Regional Meeting, Feb. 25, Dubuque, Iowa. More information
  • Best Milking Practices Workshop, March 1, Mill Hall, Pa. More information
  • Calf Care Workshop, March 1, East Earl, Pa. More information
  • Environmental Effects of Nitrogen Webinar, March 1. More information
  • Best Milking Practices Workshop, March 3, McConnellsburg, Pa. More information
  • Calf Care Workshop, March 3, Troy, Pa. More information
  • Technology Tuesday Heat Stress Webinar, March 8, 8:30 a.m. (Eastern Time) More information
  • 29th Western Canadian Dairy Seminar, March 8-11, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. More information
  • Western Dairy Management Conference, March 9-11, Reno, Nev. More information
  • Dairyland Initiative Ag Lenders Update, March 10, Oshkosh, Wis. More information
  • Annual Meeting of the ASAS Midwestern Section and the ADSA Midwest Branch, March 14-16, Des Moines, Iowa. More information
  • Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin Annual Business Conference, March 15-16, Madison, Wis. More information
  • WSU 25th Advanced Cheese Making Short Course, March 15-17, Pullman, Wash. More information
  • Western United Dairymen Convention, March 16-18, Visalia, Calif. More information
  • Wisconsin Ag Women's Summit, March 18-19, 2011, Wisconsin Dells, Wis. More information
  • Mid-Atlantic Nutrition Conference, March 23-24, Timonium, Md. More information
  • Illinois Forage Institute, March 24, Simpson, Ill. More information
  • Central Plains Dairy Expo, March 29-31, Sioux Falls, S. Dak. More information
  • North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge Competition, March 31-April 2, Hickory, N.Car. More information
  • Air Quality Webinar, April 4, Noon (CST). More information
  • Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Conference, April 5-6, Lake Geneva, Wis. More information
  • 2011 Annual Conference of the National Institute for Animal Agriculture, April 11-14, San Antonio, Texas. More information
  • Hoof Care Brings Victory over Lameness, April 12, Marshfield, Wis. More information
  • Hoof Care Brings Victory over Lameness, April 13, Chilton, Wis. More information
  • 19th Annual Food and Ag Policy Conference, April 13-14, Washington, D.C. For more information, contact Theresa Stephens at (703) 891-6301 or email:
  • 2011 Mid-South Ruminant Nutrition Workshop, April 20-21, Dallas, Texas. More information
  • Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference, April 20-21, Ft. Wayne, Ind.  More information
  • WSU Pasteurization Workshop, April 20-21, Pullman, Wash. More information
  • Dairy Herdsman Shortcourse, April 26-28, Tulare, Calif. More information
  • Southwest Dairy Day, May 5, Stephenville, Texas. More information
  • 21st Discover Conference: Improving Reproductive Efficiency of Lactating Dairy Cattle, May 9-12, Itasca, Ill. More information
  • AgStar National Conference, May 10-12, Boise, Idaho. More information
  • National Dairy Producers Conference, May 15-17, Omaha, Neb. More information
  • 4-State Dairy Nutrition and Management Conference, June 8-9, Dubuque, Iowa. More information
  • 2011 National Institute for Farm Safety Conference, June 24-28,  Burlington, Vt. More information
  • 2011 National Institute for Farm Safety Conference, June 26-30, Boise, Idaho. More information
  • ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting, July 10-14, New Orleans, La. More information
  • ADSA Northeast Branch and ASAS Northeastern Section, July 10-14, New Orleans, La. More information
  • ADSA Southern Branch, July 10-14, New Orleans, La. More information
  • 72nd Minnesota Nutrition Conference, Sept. 20-21, St. Paul, Minn. More information
  • 2011 American Association of Bovine Practitioners Annual Meeting, Sept. 22-24, St. Louis, Mo. More information
  • 3rd International Symposium on Mastitis & Milk Quality, Sept. 22-24, St. Louis, Mo. More information
  • U.S. Animal Health Association Annual Meeting, Sept. 29-Oct. 5, Buffalo, N.Y.. More information
  • Pacific Northwest Animal Nutrition Conference, Oct. 4-7, Portland, Ore. More information
  • World Dairy Expo, Oct. 4-8, Madison, Wis. More information
  • Pennsylvania Dairy Cattle Nutrition Workshop, Nov. 9-10. More information

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