Of the top three finishers in Iowa’s GOP caucus Tuesday night, only Ron Paul has a dairy background.

Paul grew up on a Pennsylvania dairy farm. He later worked at a family-owned dairy-processing facility. 

“Ron Paul’s first job was making sure no dirty bottles made it to the filling crates,” according to this biographical account. “He was paid a penny per bottle; when they were old enough, the Paul boys — all five of whom shared one bedroom — took over the summer milk routes to give the drivers some time off.”

More recently, as a member of Congress, Paul introduced legislation to allow the sale of raw milk products between states.

Paul came in third Tuesday night with 22 percent of the vote.

Mitt Romney, who won the Iowa Caucus by a narrow eight-vote margin, grew up in the affluent community of Bloomfield Hills, Mich. His father was an auto executive and governor of Michigan.

Rick Santorum, who placed second in Iowa Caucus voting, mainly grew up in suburbs outside of Pittsburgh, Pa. Both of his parents worked for the Veterans Administration.