The Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin will be hosting a Webinar on Monday, July 11 that will cover 10 strategic initiatives for success in turbulent times.

Dairy businesses are facing increasing complexity and uncertainty in today’s turbulent business climate. Farms continue to be family based businesses and are modest in size compared to much of the industrial sector, but an increasing number of farms are becoming multi-million dollar gross sales businesses with a sizeable work-force and rapidly increasing capital and land resources. Managing this rapidly growing business in a business climate that is increasingly being shaped by global economic forces requires more skilled managers and well-seasoned strategies. What are the critical management strategies that will be required to be successful in this increasingly complex farming business – what is required to build a championship farming business? Ten strategies will be identified in this Webinar.

The Webinar will be presented by Dr. Mike Boehlje, Purdue University and will take place from 12 noon to 1:00 p.m. CST on Monday July 11.

Register by Wednesday, July 6. For more information go to or call PDPW at (800) 947-7379

Sign up today online or call PDPW. PDPW members register for $100 per session. Non-PDPW members can register at $125 per session.

If you have a date/time conflict, you can watch a fully recorded version at your leisure. You must be registered to receive a recorded session.