Wisconsin has registered 50,000 livestock premises as the state continues to move forward in implementing the National Animal Identification System (NAIS).

"Wisconsin accounts for nearly 20 percent of the premises registered nationally. We can be proud of that fact," says Rod Nilsestuen, Secretary of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. "This has been a producer-led effort from the start. We've been leading the nation from the start. More importantly, we have put ourselves in a much better position than we were even one year ago to respond to animal disease outbreaks quickly and effectively, so we can minimize the potential economic toll here and nationwide" he adds.

USDA has registered 270,414 premises nationwide. And Wisconsin’s registrations comprise 18.5 percent of the national total. “USDA commends Wisconsin for recently surpassing 50,000 premises registered as part of NAIS,” states John Clifford, USDA veterinary services deputy administrator.  “Premises registration is the foundation of the NAIS, and Wisconsin has been extremely proactive in registering premises across the state.”

Premises registration in Wisconsin consists of the address of the site where animals are kept, the species of animals kept at that location and contact information for the caretakers. Premises registration does not include the number of animals, ownership, their animal identification or other information. Premises registration information is vital to a fast response to an animal disease outbreak and proactively informing producers in risk areas to take precautions.

“This is an important step in protecting animal health. It’s in the best interest of all livestock producers to have their premise registered,” notes Bill Bruins, President of the Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation. 

Currently, Wisconsin has registered more than 33,250 dairy, beef and bison premises, more than 16,250 horse premises and more than 13,200 poultry and game bird premises. Many premises have multiple species at one location.

“The Wisconsin Equine industry is continuing to be proactive about the health of their animals by participating in the Wisconsin premises registration program,” explains Sandie Brick-Margelofsky, President of the Wisconsin State Horse Council. “The equine industry is committed to being informed as well as limiting the impact, in the event of an animal disease outbreak.”  

The Wisconsin Premises Registration Act requires all who keep, house or co-mingle livestock/horses to register their premises. Premises registration applies to any rural or city residence housing any type of livestock species, regardless of number or size. Premises registration provides for faster reaction by animal health officials in the event of a disease outbreak. Animal owners with registered premises can receive early information about important and appropriate precautions to limit the chance of a disease outbreak striking their premises.

Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium