Where is America’s future? According to a new Forbes report, the answer may be in the agricultural-rich Inland West and the Great Plains.

America in 2023: A look at the past, future of economic growthIn a newly-released infographic, seen to the right, these regions showed impressive growth over the last decade, and agriculture was – and continues to be – one of the drivers of this success.

Population in the Inland West, consisting of much of the western half of the country, exploded by 21 percent from 2003-2013. Thanks in part to having the highest percentage of young people under the age of 20, the population growth in the Inland West is expected to outgrow the rest of the country.

The Great Plains is another agricultural-heavy region expected to thrive. Though the area has long been considered “flyover country,” over the last decade it has become significant economic dynamism. It posted the second-fastest job growth rate in the country since the recession and led the country in employment growth in 2012.

By 2023, the region is expected to expand by 6 percent, more than twice the project growth rate of the Northeast. However, most of this growth will be in cities, not rural communities.

“The strong pro-growth spirit in the region, its wealth in natural resources and a high level of education, particularly in the northern tier, suggest that the Plains will play a far more important role in the future than anyone might have thought a decade ago,” the report said.

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