More and more dairy producers and nutritionists are balancing their rations for amino acids, according to a series of studies conducted in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

In the latest survey, conducted this past June, 64 percent of producers and 84 percent of nutritionists said they balance rations for amino acids. That’s a significant increase from 2010 when 53 percent of producers and 81 percent of nutritionists said they balance for amino acids.

The 2012 survey, conducted by Dairy Herd Management, drew responses from approximately 800 nutritionists, veterinarians and producers.

As part of the survey, people were asked what benefits they receive from balancing amino acids. The responses were different between producers and nutritionists. Producers selected “improved reproduction” and “fewer transition cow problems,” whereas nutritionists were more focused on “increases in milk protein” and “lowering crude protein level in rations.”  Both groups ranked “increased mllk volume” very high.

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