The Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium is pleased to announce the launch of the Identifying Wisconsin™ branded tag program.

The voluntary Identifying Wisconsin branded Official ID program is the first of its kind and has been developed with support from Wisconsin livestock producers, industry and the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

The Identifying Wisconsin initiative is an independent, industry-funded program dedicated to accurate animal identification and highlights the consumer value and quality of Wisconsin livestock. The program was developed by producers, for producers and consumers.

Under the Identifying Wisconsin program, Wisconsin producers with a premises ID can purchase approved AIN (840) and Premises ID tags. All tags approved for the program will carry the “Wisconsin Origin” seal that is printed by tag manufacturers and only distributed to farms in the state of Wisconsin through select distributors.

The tags offered under this program can be used to satisfy traceability needs for marketing, state and national animal health programs and on-farm management. Data about the farm of origin is housed in a producer and industry managed database located in Madison, Wis.

The Wisconsin Holstein Association endorses the program and stated, “The Wisconsin agriculture community wants to create a self-funded traceability program that meets regulatory needs of both producers and consumers. The Identifying Wisconsin branded tag program is our first step towards achieving this. The branded tag identifies producer commitment to a quality product and helps bolster the values Wisconsin producers uphold in their own families and livestock operations.”

To purchase Wisconsin branded tags, please visit with one of the following Identifying Wisconsin approved tag distributors:

• ANIMART – 855-254-6600

• Cooperative Resources International and Subsidiaries – 715-526-2141

• Holstein, USA – 800-952-5200

• Stearn’s Veterinary Outlet – 877-608-3877