WZTV Fox 17 in Nashville, Tenn., reports that the Dickson County Humane Society receives no money from the Humane Society of the United States, despite desperate need.

According to WZTV, the Dickson County Humane Society, located west of Nashville, occupies two make-shift buildings that are falling apart ― and the roof is leaking.

The National HSUS, meanwhile, is flush with cash. 

“We checked the HSUS tax records Form 990. It shows the non-profit took in over $133 million in donations last year,” WZTV said. “Of that, $6 million went to local shelters. We found of that money HSUS gave only about $1,000 back to local shelters in Tennessee and $0 went to shelters in Kentucky in 2011.”

The CEO of the Humane Society of the United States declined an interview, the station said.

Read more and see the actual WZTV broadcast here.

This is not the first time a TV station has tackled the issue. People give money to the HSUS thinking their donations will help local animal shelters, but only a small percentage ever makes it to the shelters.  

In 2009, an Atlanta, Ga., TV station reported on this. The broadcast was later pulled off YouTube but re-appeared on an Iranian video-sharing site. To see that broadcast, click here.

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