A new study from Portugal shows that young people who drink a lot of milk are less likely to be fat around the belly.

“Our findings suggested that adolescents with high milk intakes, regardless of whether they were active or low active, were less likely to have (abdominal obesity),”  researchers from the University of Porto wrote in an article that was published online last week by the Pediatric Obesity journal.

Yet, the role of physical activity should not be discounted, since the lowest proportion of abdominal obesity was found in those adolescents who were physically active along with having high milk intake.

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The study was conducted with 1,209 adolescents aged 15 to 18 from the Azorean Archipelago in Portugal.

Other studies have found that a high-dairy diet can help cut belly fat (read more) and that dairy is an important part of a healthy diet for teenagers, however weight-conscious they may be (read more).