BRASILIA, Brazil (AP) — Brazil will begin checking Japanese food imports for possibly high levels of radiation following reports that leaking radiation from a disabled nuclear power plant has affected food, milk and tap water in the Asian country, officials said Friday.

Brazil imports only a small amount of food from Japan, mainly special flours for the production of bread and pastry, the Ministry of Agriculture said in a statement on its website, adding that the measure is a preventative one.

As of Monday, Japanese food imports will only be allowed into Brazil if they are in compliance with norms of the United Nations' Codex Alimentarius, a set of standards to ensure food safety, the ministry noted.

Food products carried by travelers arriving from Japan will also be scrutinized for radiation levels.

The measure was adopted in response to the nuclear accident at the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear power plant, which has been leaking radiation since Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster on March 11.

Last year, Brazil imported $7 billion worth of Japanese goods, mostly industrial products and auto parts.

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