A rash of cattle thefts in south-central Kentucky appears to involve beef cattle, but some of the same principles for preventing theft could apply to dairy cattle, as well.

As of Thursday morning, there had been no resolution to the thefts that occurred at three Barren County, Ky., farms, according to Trevor Phillips, public relations director for the county sheriff’s office.

The thefts occurred at night, with the culprits driving a stock trailer up to holding pens or pastured lots and perhaps luring the cattle with food.

In Virginia, Holsteins were among the cattle stolen from a stockyard in Bedford County in mid-March.

The Barren County Sheriff’s Department suggests keeping pastures secure, keeping gates locked and controlling access to the locks, among other things.

An article in the September 2009 issue of Dairy Herd Management gives further details on preventing theft.  Go to:  http://www.dairyherd.com/dairy-herd/features/your-best-defense-against-theft-113935049.html