Cheese and dairy products are on a roll in the national media.  

The latest example came on Thursday morning when NBC-TV’s Today Show cited cheese as one of five foods people should keep in their diets. The other foods included chocolate, pasta, potatoes and steak. (Chocolate was even recommended at breakfast time.) See the broadcast segment above.

These are foods that many people avoid because of various misconceptions that have arisen over time.

Dietitian and Self magazine blogger Sarah-Jane Bedwell said cheese is one of the foods that she has to have every day.

“It is so good,” she said, and it helps people get the calcium they need in their diets.

Everyone knows that calcium helps keep bones strong. "But now we know that if we don't get enough calcium, that can cause the body to release a hormone known as calcitriol, and that promotes the storage of belly fat. So, if we get enough calcium by eating calcium-rich foods... we can actually prevent that from happening," Bedwell said.

Last month, another morning news show, "Good Morning  America," recognized the weight-loss advantages of dairy products. Read more.