The Northern Colorado Business Report says the state’s dairy industry is expected to grow over the coming years with the Leprino Foods plant opening soon in Greeley.

The first phase of the plant will be 127,000 square feet, only a small portion of the 883,000 square foot total. The first phase will produce powdered milk and is expected to be completed next fall. Dairy industry experts say more cows are needed in the area to meet the amount of milk required by the plant.

According to the article, the plant will require almost 7 million pounds of milk each day once it is fully operational. The amount of milk demanded by the plant is substantially more than what can be met by current dairies in the area. To meet the plant’s requirements, current or new dairies will have to add between 60,000 and 70,000 cows.

AGPROfessionals, a company specializing in developing agricultural properties, has been contacted by national and global dairy companies interested in moving to the Greeley area.

Source: The Northern Colorado Business Report