At least two cows had to be euthanized after heavy snow caused a barn to partially collapse at a Connecticut dairy.

Two dozen cows were in the barn at the time. While some of the cows were in a part of the barn that bore the brunt of the collapse, others were in a part of the barn that withstood the collapse and were not in any immediate danger, according to this report from The Haddams-Killingworth Patch.

Firefighters worked hard to reach and rescue the cows, according to reports.

"I am very grateful for the Middlefield firefighters," farm manager Margaret Serafino told The Haddams-Killingworth Patch.

The partial barn collapse occurred Saturday in the aftermath of a blizzard that blanketed the Northeast.

Meanwhile, a fire in south central Wisconsin killed at least 21 cows.

The fire occurred Saturday at a dairy farm near Ft. Atkinson, Wis.

According to this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, firefighters did everything they could to save the rest of the cows but were hampered by cold weather and piles of snow and ice.

And, this article from CBS 58 in Milwaukee quotes a neighbor who believes that high winds helped fuel the fire.