Iowa State University and Elanco Animal Health are excited to bring you an opportunity to learn how to tackle one of the dairy industries costliest issues--Summer Heat Stress.  Please join us for an educational webinar on Thursday, May 26 from 11am to 1pm CST.  Dr. Lance Baumgard at Iowa State University will start out the webinar with a deeper look into how a dairy cow deals with heat stress and why it has such a devastating impact on milk production.  Dr. Tom Bailey from Elanco Animal Health will follow up this discussion with an in depth description of how to cool cows in today's dairy facilities. 

To join the webinar, please connect to  You do not need to dial in on a phone line.  Instead, you will be able to listen to the webinar through your computer. The webinar will allow for an opportunity to ask questions as the presentations are taking place via the chat option on the screen.

If you would like to test your computer systems before the day of the event to make sure all needed add-on’s are installed, go to

In addition, if you aren't able to join the webinar on the 26th, you will be able to access the recorded webinar, the presentations, reference papers, and Elanco's cow cooling guide by going to this site shortly after the webinar: