KFYR reports North Dakota State University’s dairy cow college in the middle of a five-day tour to help farmers dealing with feed prices and other factors affect the dairy industry.

Milk prices have been cut in half over the past few years while rising expenses make staying in business a challenge. J.W. Schroeder with the NDSU Animal Sciences Department will lead a dairy cow college in a different town of the state each day this week. The college made its second stop in New Salem on Tuesday.

The college provides a place for dairymen to share ideas and discuss issues affecting the industry. Cow comfort has been a key topic of discussion. Dairy farmers face a challenging task keeping concrete stalls clean and comfortable. Iowa State University Dr. Jan Shearer added certain groups of animals should not be overcrowded.

At the second stop Tuesday, Schroeder said it’s important to take care of the animals because they take care of the farmers. It becomes harder to stay in business if the cows aren’t happy and healthy.

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