The Yakima Herald reports farmers in one of the top 12 milk-producing counties in the United States will participate in a one-year pilot program to reduce pollution on their dairies.

Over half of the counties dairy farmers will implement management practices recommended by the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency to reduce pollutants from the county’s dairy farms. Yakima County is home to over 70 dairies with 120,000 dairy cows.

The program lists 96 actions farmers will follow to reduce odors, dust, ammonia, methane, organic compounds, hydrogen sulfide, nitrous oxide and oxides of nitrogen. Dairy farmers support the program and expect it to work.

Critics of the program aren’t expecting beneficial results as the program is voluntary and farmers won’t be punished if the agency’s measures are broken. The program will be reviewed at the end of the year and modifications will be made based on results. All dairies are required to submit an air quality management plan for review and implementation.

Source: Yakima Herald