When Derik Milanesio decided to create a music video on his dairy farm in Strathmore, Calif., last month, he had no idea the attention it would receive. The music video, “Where them cows at,” has gone viral. As of Monday, the video has had more than 8,200 views and the number keeps climbing.

Milanesio, herd manager for Frank Pinheiro Dairy, says he got the idea for the video after watching a friend’s video on YouTube. His friend is a chicken farmer in Arkansas who made a video about the “chicks” on his farm. “I said I can do better than that,” says Milanesio.

With the help of his friend, Marcelo Alves, Milanesio took to filming the video on his farm. The pair spent three days filming in the evenings. Then, six hours on Saturday editing and their first music video was made.

A simple digital video camera and editing software was used. “It wasn’t hard to do,” says Milanesio.

Milanesio says he is surprised at how quickly the video took off. “We weren’t originally planning to share it, but before we knew it had already gone viral,” he says.

The other surprising thing, he says, is that the video was spread by the agriculture industry – “it is amazing to see how the agriculture industry is connected.” The video has been viewed by people from across the U.S.

Milanesio says there are no immediate plans for more videos but he’s not ruling out the possibility, as he and his friend Alves have always wanted to do more.