A promised ad from the California Milk Advisory Board only showed up in a few media markets. Meanwhile, a Dannon commercial aired across the nation to capitalize on the growing interest in Greek yogurt.

Last week, the California Milk Advisory Board announced that it would be sponsoring this Super Bowl commercial. The commercial did appear in several California media markets, but not nationally.

Up until late Friday night, CMAB officials tried to negotiate a national buy for the ad.

"Over the years, we have run spots nationally during the game or during the pre-kickoff or post-game segments of the broadcast and have negotiated an affordable price to do so," CMAB spokesperson Jennifer Giambroni told Dairy Herd Network. But a national buy did not work out this time. 

That left just one national ad for dairy during the Super Bowl — a Dannon commercial for Greek yogurt.  

The commercial, featuring John Stamos for Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt, scored well with viewers. It ranked 10th highest (out of 56) in the Super Bowl admeter sponsored by USA Today and Facebook.

A record 111.3 million people watched the Super Bowl, which meant a large audience for the commercial.