Washington D.C. first-grader Aidan Kohn Murphy from Lafayette Elementary school stood up for chocolate milk earlier this month, testifying before the Washington D.C. Council Committee of the Whole, Youth Issues.

In his testimony. Murphy says that while he appreciates that the school system is trying to make kids healthy, the law isn’t working in the way it was intended. Washington D.C. is one of the few cities in the country that has chosen to ban flavored milk from its school systems.

A survey of Murphy’s classmates found that the kids who used to buy chocolate milk are not likely to drink white milk. Most of them are substituting water, then nothing, then juice and finally white milk. Murphy states that since the new rule, 58 percent of the kids who used to drink chocolate milk at school are no longer drinking any dairy products at school, missing out on all the calcium that they used to get.

Murphy also interviewed his pediatrician to gauge her opinion on how she felt about kids drinking chocolate milk in D.C. Public Schools.

The pediatrician says that chocolate milk is much better than drinking soda because it has protein and calcium. She also says that there is more real food in chocolate milk than in most juices. In addition, the pediatrician says that it’s better to drink chocolate milk than no milk at all.

Of the 410 students surveyed by Murphy, 84 percent of them want chocolate milk back.

Read Murphy’s testimony here.