Milk does a body better, with Foster Farms Dairy’s recent introduction of Dairy Balance, a new milk line offering consumers a simple way to promote digestive and immune health.

Dairy Balance Milk is one of the first milk brands to be fortified with the patented probiotic, GanedenBC30, and one of only a handful of probiotic-enhanced milks currently available to consumers.

“Probiotics are ‘good bacteria’ that has been shown to improve digestive health and support immunity,” said Jeff Foster, president of Foster Farms Dairy. “Sales of yogurt enhanced with probiotics have dramatically grown and studies have proven Dairy Balance delivers more active cultures than yogurt.”

Foster said Ganeden Biotech, makers of GanedenBC30, developed the unique formulation to survive harsh manufacturing processes — including those used in milk processing — unlike other probiotic strains. This durability also withstands harsh stomach acids, allowing the delivery of more beneficial cultures.

Dairy Balance, which has the same taste, texture and color as milk, is now available at more than 300 Northern California locations, including CVS/Pharmacy, Berkeley Bowl, Nugget Markets, Winco and O’Brien’s Market in the central, Bay Area and Sacramento Regions. Distribution to more than 500 outlets is scheduled by the end of the year. Dairy Balance milk is offered in whole and 2 percent reduced-fat varieties and has a suggested retail of $3.49 for a half gallon.

Alternative to yogurt or yogurt type drinks
With Dairy Balance, consumers are no longer limited to eating yogurt or drinking yogurt type beverages to achieve a healthy intake of probiotics. Drinking Dairy Balance provides all the benefits of regular milk, PLUS the added support of probiotics without sacrificing taste or texture.

“Our goal was to offer a value-added product for our consumers’ health without changing their normal eating habits,” said Rick Werhel, vice president of sales marketing for Foster Farms Dairy. “Since almost every household in America purchases milk, and most drink it every day, what better way to provide people with their daily dose of probiotics?”

Consumers worldwide have recognized the health benefits of food products enriched with probiotics. Global probiotic retail sales have grown from $100 million in 2002 to more than $7 billion in 2010. Retail sales of probiotic products are projected to top $11 billion in the next two years.