The results are in!

One hundred and twenty eight students from 32 colleges across the United States and Canada competed Friday and Saturday in the North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge.

The annual event allows dairy science students to apply theory and learning to a real-world dairy, while working as part of a team.

Results were announced Saturday night on Facebook:

Dairy A:

1st place: South Dakota State University. Team members are Cassandra Hulstein, April Johnson, Lael Schoessler and Alisha Vander Wal, coached by Ken Kalscheur.

2nd place: University of Wisconsin‐Platteville. Team members are Tanner Bradley, Sam Enloe, Stephanie Nagel and Nathalie Schattner, coached by Tera Montgomery.

Dairy B:

1st place: University of Vermont. Team members are Kaitlin Benoit, Morgen Doane, Andrew Whitney and Melissa Woolpert, coached by Wanda Emerich.

2nd place: Penn State University. Team members are Dakota Grove, Jared Risser, Nathan Ulmer and Hannah Wentworth, coached by Lisa Holden and Gabriella Varga.

Dairy C:

1st place: University of Wisconsin‐River Falls. Team members are Jonathan Hallock, Riley Jolma, Carl Lippert and Elizabeth Simonis, coached by Sylvia Kehoe.

2nd place: Virginia Tech. Team members are Tyler Boyd, Alli Davis, Isaac Hammock and Elizabeth Sumners, coached by Mark Hanigan and Bob James.

Dairy D:

1st place: Cal Poly. Team members are Mandy Brazil, Erin de Snayer, Micah DeGroot and David Vander Schaaf, coached by Stan Henderson.

2nd place: Iowa State University. Team members are Jordan Hanson, Matt Henkes, Jordan Hunt and Derek Nolan, coached by Lee Kilmer.