Greek yogurt sales are going through the roof.

According to this story from National Public Radio, sales of Greek yogurt could reach $1.5 billion this year ― almost double last year’s sales.

And, now there’s evidence that Greek yogurt is stealing some of the thunder from other food categories in the grocery store.

"(Greek yogurt’s) growth is affecting deli-prepared meals, like soup and salad bars," Megan Margaff, chief analytics officer of the consumer research firm Spire, told the Newark (N.J.) Star-Ledger. "People running in to grab lunch in the middle of the day are increasingly buying Greek yogurt, because of its high protein content, to replace those items. And it’s affecting center-store items like soup and frozen meals too." Read more.

One of the leading Greek yogurt companies, Chobani, is a classic American success story, as this story from Dairy Herd Management outlines.