Kristin and Alan Hudson have been in angst over a lawsuit filed against them by the Waterkeeper Alliance, an environmental activist group.

In the video shown above, Kristin Hudson chokes back emotion as she describes what it is like to have her daughter ask “What if they take away daddy’s farm?”

The Hudsons are overwhelmed by legal and medical bills related to the lawsuit, according to the same video produced by

Area farmers pitched in and held several benefit dinners to help pay the Hudsons pay their bills.

The Hudsons grow corn, soybeans and hay, and raise cows and chickens on a 200-acre farm near Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Now there is word that agricultural organizations and businesses from around the country, including 13 state farm bureaus, Southern States Cooperative, Rabobank International, as well as the Maryland Pork Producers Association, have pledged their support to the Hudsons.

"We believe what the Waterkeepers are doing is a grave injustice, and this legal fight goes well beyond just one farm family," said Andy Dietrick, director of public relations for the Indiana Farm Bureau. "We feel the Waterkeepers' tactics could negatively impact our farm families here in Indiana and we want to stand up and tell them what they are doing is wrong."

Jason Scott, president of the Maryland Grain Producers Association, adds, “This lawsuit is a pivotal moment for agriculture and we are supporting the Hudsons and because we are concerned that this lawsuit could be the first of many.”