More can be done to boost consumer confidence in organic milk.

That’s according to the USDA Office of Inspector General, which issued a report this week citing a number of steps that can be taken by the National Organic Program (NOP).

Among other things:

  • Develop guidance for certifying agents regarding detection of genetically modified material.  (The report did not say prohibited GM material is showing up; rather, some of the people who certify organic milk may not be looking for it.)
  • Address milk transporter responsibilities in organic system plans. (The agency found a loophole in the rules which may allow the same sanitizers on tankers hauling regular milk to be used in the tankers hauling organic milk.)
  • Develop guidance for certifying agents on conducting unannounced inspections. (Currently, the Office of Inspector General found, certifying agents are not performing unannounced inspections of organic dairy operations. Yet, this could be a useful technique in the overview process.)

To read the entire report, click here.