A dairy farm family from northern Illinois will be among those featured in the “Farmers Feed Us” program during the next three months in Illinois.

Although the Illinois Farm Families (IFF) coalition is represented by commodity groups for beef, corn, soybeans and pork, it also has representation from the Farm Bureau and tells a story that is positive for the agricultural community in general.

The program will launch July 5.

“Farmers Feed Us” is a sweepstakes contest that runs for 90 days, through Oct. 2. Two grand prizes of free groceries for a year ($5,000) will be offered.

Participants must visit www.farmersfeedus.org for a chance to win the free groceries and other prizes.

The launch is a publicity activity to begin a long-running series of events for the IFF coalition. IFF activities seek a dialogue between farmers and consumers about farmers and farming.

County Market stores, with 33 Illinois locations, will be the retail partner for this promotion. Print, radio, and television ads for Farmers Feed Us are scheduled to run in July.

The ads will feature five farm families that raise the coalition commodities, plus dairy. Ads will run both in the Chicago area and downstate.

Featured farm families are: Ron and Deb Moore, soybean farmers from Roseville; Brent and Kathy Scholl, pork farmers from Polo; Dale and Linda Drendel, dairy farmers from Hampshire; Mike and Lynn Martz, beef producers from Maple Park; and Steve and Elizabeth Ruh, corn farmers from Sugar Grove.