The (Dubuque) Telegraph Herald reports a fire early Saturday morning at a dairy farm in Holy Cross, Iowa caused an estimated $500,000 in damages including the loss of more than 40 cows and two barns.

After hearing a loud crackle, Duane Kass looked outside to see one of his barns engulfed in flames. He tried to rescue some of his cows, but heavy smoke made it too dangerous. The Iowa wind fanned the flames, spreading the fire to the second barn, burning 2,500 bales of hay, 200 straw bales, a wagon load of corn and other tools.

Firefighters from Sherrill, Holy Cross and Asbury were able to calm the fire, but Kass’ dairy had already lost 40 cows and six calves in addition to the feed and equipment.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined. Kass still has a few other heifers that weren’t kept in the barn, but most of the dairy, established in 1996, is ruined.

Neighbors brought feed for the surviving cows and comfort for Kass.

Source: The Telegraph Herald