Jackson leaving the EPA

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Lisa Jackson is leaving her post as administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency after four years heading the agency.

The New York  Times led off its announcement of her resignation by suggesting she leaves after not being able to achieve “sweeping action to address climate change and other environmental ills” because of challenges from industry, Republicans in Congress and not enough support from the Obama White House.

The Obama administration is seen as having backed off broad-scale climate change actions spearheaded by the EPA as the ag industry and industry in general have counter attacked with their concerns about regulatory overreach.

Jackson was challenged repeatedly by Congress and often by the Republican majority in the House. In the Times article by John Broder, he wrote, “She was frequently subjected to harsh questioning that at times bordered on the disrespectful.”

It is thought that Jackson is most pleased with one outcome from her four years—beating court challenges from industry that allows the EPA to classify carbon dioxide and five other gases as contributing to global warming and being defined as pollutants under the Clean Air Act. This was why the EPA was able to negotiate new emissions standards for cars and light trucks and is targeting power plants to require reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

There have been a number of proposed actions by the EPA that have concerned and/or angered segments of agriculture during Jackson's reign, and the ag industry is wondering what the environmental and regulatory agenda will be during President Obama's second term.

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Pennsylvania  |  December, 27, 2012 at 11:23 AM

Well, this explains Sec of Agriculture Vilsacks sudden scolding of agriculture. He's blaming us for Lisa Jackson's sacking, even as he stands with this thumb up his butt possessed of neither a farm bill or the unconditional blessing of HSUS. And Iowa voters rejected his wife's political overtures, to boot. After sleeping soundly for 4 glorious years Tom Vilsack awakes to find it pretty darned frosty in Washington DC for failed bureaucrats.

Thom Katt    
Midwest  |  January, 02, 2013 at 10:16 AM

Max how can you say that Sec. Vilsack has been asleep for four years? He made almost monthy apologies for some action or other that the Obama Adiminstration in general and the EPA in particular had undertaken. Remember when the Department of Labor tried to ban kids from working on farms? The labor secretary didn't apologize for that. Sec. Vilsack did. He wasn't asleep. He was just too busy to carry out USDA business.

Tenn.  |  December, 28, 2012 at 06:55 AM

Jackson takes special pride in stopping the oil pipeline coming out of Canada. Good old EPA...obstructive, narrow minded, alarmist, paranoid, pushy and punitive as ever! Critical to the Obama mission of redistributing the wealth, EPA makes the task simpler by preventing any wealth being created in the first place. No resources = no industry = no work = no incomes = no personal wealth = nothing to redistribute = problem permanently solved!

Thom Katt    
Midwest  |  January, 02, 2013 at 10:12 AM

Lisa Jackson a.k.a. Richard Windsor will be lucky if she isn't prosecuted for violating federal public information laws. One could probably even make the argument that her attempts to keep many official business communications secret was contempt of Congress. President "My Adminstration will be the most open in history" Obama should have terminated her tenure on the day the Richard Windsor scandal was discovered.

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