Newburyport News reports a barn at Sunshine Dairy Farm in Newbury, Mass. collapsed Wednesday afternoon cutting off power to the farm and sending firefighters to search for a generator to power the dairy.

Firefighters said the power would likely be out until Thursday and were searching for a generator large enough to power the dairy. The loss of power poses a health concern to the cows who could develop mastitis if they aren’t milked twice per day.

The barn collapsed at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon while the cows were in the process of being milked by electrically powered milkers. When the power went out and the milkers shut off the farmers walked outside to find a nearby barn had caved in.

The collapsed barn did not house any animals on the 100-cow dairy, but was used to store other farm equipment including a John Deere tractor which was covered in dust and debris. Weight from two consecutive days of heavy snow weighed on the barn roof, pushing the roof down from the center, sending cinder blocks and a large portion of the front section several feet outward.

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Source: Newburtyport News