Anyone born today will have to wait another four years for a birthday.

According to folklore, Leap Year is a good time for women to propose marriage to men.

Another perspective — albeit a little less romantic — is to assess the amount of resources that people consume in one extra day.     

University of Florida economist Rodney Clouser has done just that.

Using his state’s population as the example, Clouser has figured that Floridians will use more than 11.3 trillion British thermal units (Btu) of energy from coal, natural gas, petroleum products and electricity in a 24-hour span.   

They’ll eat 60.5 million pounds of food that includes red meat, poultry, fish, dairy products, fats and oils, flour and cereal products, sugars and sweeteners and peanuts, nuts and coffee, and an additional 32 million pounds of fruit and vegetables, he said.

And they will use roughly 18.35 billions of gallons of water, Clouser said.

Using figures supplied by the National Milk Producers Federation for consumption across the entire United States, Americans consume 17.1 million gallons of milk per day.