As the debate surrounding flavored milk in school lunches rages on, new developments in lower calorie chocolate milk could make some school officials happy.

Dean Foods has introduced TruMoo, the company's new chocolate milk made with 10 to 15 percent fewer calories, 15 to 20 percent less sugar, and no high fructose corn syrup.

"We recognize that school nutrition directors need a solution. On one hand, chocolate milk is preferred by children and provides important nutrients that are hard to replace elsewhere on cafeteria trays. On the other hand, we understand the concerns about added sugars," said Andrea Carrothers, MS, RD, registered dietitian and Nutrition Communications Manager for Dean Foods. "That's why TruMoo, with the right blend of fresh, local white milk, pure cocoa and sugar, is a great solution. Over half the sugar in TruMoo is lactose, the same natural sugar found in all milk."

Dean Foods successfully reduced up to 6 grams of sugar, or 1.5 teaspoons, per serving compared to its previous varieties nationally. TruMoo contains just 10 grams of added sugar, compared with up to 28 grams in soft drinks and other sweetened beverages.

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