British dairy farmers are threatening to dump milk ― in protest of falling pay prices ― which could leave supermarket shelves empty during the Olympic Games.

"We can let our milk go down the drain. It will not even leave the farms,” David Handley, chairman of Farmers for Action, told the Financial Times.

This week, more than 1,000 dairy farmers are expected to march on central London to put pressure on the government to intervene, the article said.

Organizers have set an Aug. 1 deadline. If nothing is resolved by then, "disruption of the milk supply chain will take place," Handley is quoted in this story by The Independent.

Arrangements will probably be made to ensure adequate dairy supplies for Olympic athletes, even if it means bringing in product from other countries. But a milk strike would be awkward from a public-relations standpoint.

Part of the Olympics opening ceremony will focus on the legacy of the English countryside. A meadow scene constructed in London’s Olympic Stadium will include cows and other farm animals. Read more.  

The Olympics run July 27 through Aug. 12